Salin ni Christian Tablazon ang naunang dalawang sipi mula sa “Resistance of Vertical Cantilevers” [2011] ni Love Joy Raza.
Laan sa yumao niyang ama ang una at finger exercise batay sa “El Dinosaurio” ni Augusto Monterosso ang ikalawa.)

The octopus entered the bottle. It’s been there for two weeks, watching the seabed change and mourn its absence. It’s not afraid, though. No, I can’t really tell. The glass shines, blinding. I’m only assuming based from my own octopus. After all, everyone will meet decay. How much time until then would be the only difference.

How much silt would settle in the bottle before its vision gets blocked? The seabed mourns. I mustn’t weep. It may set a high tide, flooding the others who aren’t aware. I can’t do anything but listen.