transit is an online intermedia journal and a small press initiative.

We are interested in works that essay, works that experiment, works that offer an engagement. We publish works that engage with concepts of the new, the experimental, the emergent, the hybrid. We are interested in works that offer new meanings, new ruptures, new engagements; the future of meaningfulness, the future of art.

An issue comes out every month. Each issue begins with a proposition, and each month we choose a practitioner to begin with a proposition. A proposition on what the future holds: for writing, for art, for forms, for language.

Send your work to We accept literary, audio/visual, and video submissions. Send visual art and literary works in portable document format (pdf)  to preserve document layout; send videos as Vimeo or Youtube links, and audio works as Soundcloud links to prevent unnecessary bandwidth clutter on our part. We will notify you if your work/s are up for publishing, this will be the time when we request the original editable files for online publishing.  We only accept new, unpublished works.