transit is an online intermedia journal and a small press initiative.

We are interested in works that essay, works that experiment, works that offer an engagement. We publish works that engage with concepts of the new, the experimental, the emergent, the hybrid. We are interested in works that offer new meanings, new ruptures, new engagements; the future of meaningfulness, the future of art.

An issue comes out twice every year. Each issue begins with a proposition from a chosen practitioner. A proposition on what the future holds: for writing, for art, for forms, for language.

Send your work to We accept literary, audio/visual, and video submissions. Send visual art and literary works in portable document format (pdf)  to preserve document layout; send videos as Vimeo or Youtube links, and audio works as Soundcloud links to prevent unnecessary bandwidth clutter on our part. We will notify you if your work/s are up for publishing, this will be the time when we request the original editable files for online publishing.  We only accept new, unpublished works. 

Andrea V. Tubig
Andrea V. Tubig is the author of Tonight We Slurp in Color (Balangiga Press, 2017). She was a fellow for poetry in the 15th Ateneo National Writers Workshop and a recipient of the 2017 Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts. She only likes sun-dried tomatoes occasionally.

Austere Rex Gamao
Austere Rex Gamao is from Sagay City, Negros Occidental but is now based in Manila. He was a fellow for the 14th Ateneo National Workshop. He writes fiction and draws. He is author of Heavenly Bodies (self-published, 2016).

Bea Mariano
Bea Mariano is an independent researcher and aspiring transmedia artist, interested in archives, technology, therapy and translation. She was chosen as a fellow for poetry in Filipino in the 14th Ateneo National Writers Workshop. The hybrid work she submitted she also tried to convert into video, which resulted in two replicas that were screened, in the same year, as part of ReFrame: Manila for the opening of the London Biennale Manila Pollination in Escolta, and in Lost Frames’ Stop. Motion. in Cubao.

But she is most proud of the work she did for Back to Square 1/Juan’s community-based art project, Off-Site/Out of Sight, where, by being among children, she learned how to become one again. Her documentation of this project were later exhibited in the NCCA Gallery as part of the Istorya ti LupLUPA.

Believing that the arts can heal and empower, she is an advocate for community-based projects and alternative learning.

​Bernard Kean Mappala Capinpin
Bernard Kean Mappala Capinpin is a poet, researcher, and medical student. He received his degree in psychology from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Most recently, he was a recipient of the Kokoy F. Guevara Poetry Award.

Carlos Quijon, Jr.
Carlos Quijon, Jr. writes essays and poetry. His works have most recently been published in High Chair’s lyric essay issue and in the Kritika Kultura Special Literary Section on the Contemporary Philippine Essay. He is an alumnus of the Transcuratorial Academy (2017) and a fellow in Para Site’s Workshops for Emerging Art Professionals (2015). He was also a fellow for Hybrid Text in the 13th Ateneo National Writers Workshop.

Christian Benitez
Christian Benitez teaches at the Filipino Department of the Ateneo de Manila University, where he finished the AB-MA Literature (Filipino) program. The locus of his study is time, as an ecological and mythological assemblage articulated as history as metaphor. He lives in Rizal.

Gerick King
Gerick King is a graphic designer who also delves into product design. He received his bachelor’s in Information Design from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Itos Ledesma
Itos Ledesma is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher who works with text, sound, performance, and media to investigate the grotesque, the absurd, and the indeterminate. His most recent work has been heard and seen at 98B COLLABoratory and in various online spaces. He is currently working as an instructor in UP Diliman and is based in Marikina City.

Jeivi Nicdao
Jeivi Nicdao finished AB Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University. She was a fellow for tula in the 20th Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop, the 15th IYAS National Writers Workshop, and the 13th Ateneo National Writers Workshop. Her works in English and Filipino have been published in Heights. She owns seven white dresses, some of which are printed with flowers. Her chapbook, Rouse, was published with transit in 2016.

Lesley-Anne Cao​
Lesley-Anne Cao is a visual artist working with objects, text, and interventions as modes of inquiry on art, socio-cultural spaces, and the everyday. She is also an amateur archivist working with Green Papaya Art Projects. Her works have recently been shown in 98B COLLABoratory, at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, and will be shown in Keelung Ciao in Keelung, Taiwan. As a child she dreamed of becoming a detective and librarian.

Michelle Esquivias
Michelle Esquivias writes poems and likes to draw. She was a Fellow for Poetry in the 12th Ateneo National Writers Workshop. Her poems have been published in High Chair, Kritika Kultura, and Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.