Reina Adriano

Reina Krizel J. Adriano graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Creative Writing. She has received the Loyola Schools Award for the Arts for Literary Essay and Playwriting and was a former Filipino editor of Heights Ateneo. She is currently completing her graduate studies in Boston, MA.

The new enacts what the past keeps on forgetting.

Dennis Aguinaldo

Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo teaches at the University of the Philippines Los Banos and blogs at His recent works have appeared in {m}, Plural, Epizootics!, Snorkel, and The Sunday Times.

What’s “new” if not in footnotes 5 and 13 of “The Last Wave”—Her Appendix I gives an English translation of the famous article, from which this passage is drawn. Here, as in the schoolroom maps, we see fiction seeping into reality.

Lawdenmarc Decamora

Lawdenmarc Decamora is an MA student taking literary and cultural studies at the Ateneo de Manila University. He earned an MFA in creative writing from De La Salle University-Manila and is presently a faculty member and research fellow of the University of Santo Tomas. His literary works have appeared or are forthcoming in LONTAR, Kartika Review, TAYO Literary Magazine, We Are A Website Literary and Art Journal of Singapore, Ginosko Literary Journal, In Between Hangovers, Panoply, Mad Swirl, The Cadaverine, Bukambibig, Cruising Going Places of Manila Bulletin, Paper Monster Press, To Voice My Own. He also has participated in both regional and national creative writing and criticism workshops.

The new is the border-shunning pipe bomb.

A. dela Rosa

A. dela Rosa is a zinester and photographer. He is also an alumnus of Samahang LAYB, a poetry workshop organization in UP Los Banos. His works have been previously published in Plural: Online Prose Journal.

The new will be and was repurposed.

Austere Gamao

Austere does not like austerity measures.

The new is perverted.

Windsor Guadalupe

Spectator, currently resides at Plaridel, Bulacan

A true grasp of the form, in that the reproducible experience of it is the social, mulls the contagion of the new.

Ivan Labayne

Ivan is part of the art collective Pedantic Pedestrians. As a group, Pedantic Pedestrians has released four folios online, a Torture Manual, a psychogeographic work on Magsaysay in Baguio, Ngayon ay Buwan ng Wika, an Oncept Series, This is a Working Zine among others. Ivan has an MA in Language and Literature from UP Baguio. He is now back to being Baguio-based after a year of teaching in Manila where he grew up.

The new cannot be posited without scrutiny of, and at least a certain level of dismay at the existing social relations.

Mirick Paala

Si Mirick Paala ay nagtapos ng BS Management Engineering minor in Creative Writing sa Ateneo de Manila University kung saan nakatanggap din siya ng Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts sa pagtula. Kasalukuyan niyang tinatapos ang kaniyang MA sa Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas at MSc sa Sustainability in Transport sa University of Leeds. Para ito kay Julius.

The new is counter-narrative but in itself, not an alternative. It is a proposition among propositions, a question among questions. 

Jo Tanierla

Si Jo Tanierla ay isang part-time barista. Nakatira siya sa Krus na Ligas, Quezon City.

Ang bago ay tapat.

Anjo Bolarda

Anjo Bolarda aka BITTO is a self-taught artist creates projects that deal with stories of people living in contemporary society. He works with spaces, time and everyday elements through paintings, illustrations, installations and performances.